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WOD 2013 nominees

Jane Adams

Jane Anderson

Deborah Bacarella

Ann Bennett

Ellie Cade

Sr. Joan Carusillo

Mary Csar

Leslie Curtis

Barbara Gutin

Gwen Herb

Betsi Kassebaum

Bonnie Kaye

Amy Kazma

Liska Langston

Patricia Liehr, RN, PhD

Mary Ann Morgan-Fried

Abby Mosher

Ro Rabozzi

Ethel Rapp

Jacqueline Reeves

Christiane Salgado

Laurie Scher

Patrice Schroeder

Robin Schwartz

Virginia Snyder

Mary Beth Tate

Shari Upbin

Danielle Williams

Marilyn Wilson

Aimee Yahn-Carmichael

Bettina Young








For a listing of past years' Nominees, Nominators, and their affiliations, please click on the past year under "Nominees." The complete 38 year history will be presented in the program at the awards breakfast.

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